Ghana v Namibia at Kampala, ICC Africa Region Division One Twenty20

Writing in the morning, when I first get into the office, has become a hassle.

There were two main reasons this blog exists:  1) write every day and 2) become a cricket “buff”.

The latter has happened.  I love cricket more than I ever thought I would, mostly because of all that I have learned over the last couple of months.  I find a real and true joy from watching matches.

The former, unfortunately, has not happened.  I am unable to write on Tuesday mornings, like a city bus I take the weekends and holidays off, and most days recently I am too busy to write a proper post.

This is not a blog sign off, this is a call to action.  I need to find a better time to write.

A lot of bloggers I know get up at 4am to write their blogs.  No thank you.  However, I do not have children, so my evenings might work.  But then there is school, and housework, and well, life.

I do not have an answer yet, but it needs to change.

On the pitch, it seems more Affiliates are beginning their meaningless qualifying for the one half of one spot available to them at the World Twenty20 this fall.   The match above, and all the matches today, of which there are four (Nigeria is playing two, as are Kenya and Naimbia, but Uganda and Ghana are each only playing one…whatever), anyway all the matches are being played at the Lugogo Stadium in Kampala Uganda.  Unfortunately, I don’t think Uganda likes having its picture taken, as I am finding nothing online, not even a Google satellite view.

I love tournaments like the above, however. I love that cricket is happening right now at some shit ground in Africa. I think my moratorium on small nation cricket needs to stop, in fact I think I should make it a focus.

(I had to stop and start the above two paragraphs like five times due to interruptions, this is why I need to stop writing at work).

In other news: India is being dragged over the coals for giving up on the last test against the Windies; Daniel Vettori’s glasses have made New Zealand my least favorite test playing nation; and Jarrod over at Cricket With Balls has written my favorite cricket article ever.  Read it.

The first England-India test starts on the 21st.  I am pretty excited. But I think I might be more excited for the return of Jarrod and the Two Chucks.

Until tomorrow.

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