Ireland v Sri Lanka at Edinburgh, Tri-Nation Tournament in Scotland

The Tri-Nation tournament featuring Ireland, Scotland, and Sri Lanka was due to start today, but the rain had a different idea.  There supposedly is a pitch inspection happening as I type, but I am guessing there will be very little cricket in Edinburgh today.

The tournament is great for Ireland and Scotland, of course, as getting to play a test nation is always a boon for a squad, but you have to feel for Sri Lanka. The players have been in the UK for almost two months already, albeit considering all the rain delays, they honestly have not played that much cricket.

It is shocking to me, an American, how much other nations ask of their athletes.  Football is a year round sport now, almost, and cricketers are flying all over the world for new tournaments that seem to be popping up every day.  Meanwhile, Derek Jeter, for instance, gets a full four months off every year, even counting in spring training and the entire month of October for the playoffs.  And that’s baseball.  NFL players are busy August through January and that’s it.   Just different strokes, I guess.

That’s it for today, lots of cricket on tap, but also lots of work.  Until tomorrow.

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