West Indies v India at Roseau, 3rd Test

Very short post today, as I have one million and one calls to make this morning, and I am trying to leave early, because the missus and I have reservations for a three hour boat tour.  That’s right…three hours.  If there isn’t a blog on Monday, please call the Coast Guard.

Last night as I was running a quick errand, I noticed people playing cricket at the park near my house.  I had to do a double-take at first, but there it was.  They had wickets set up, and they really looked like they knew what they were doing.  And what was actually most shocking to me was that they were kids – ranging from 12-18 probably.

The park regularly hosts pick-up soccer and volleyball and softball and now cricket.  Last night really made me love my neighborhood and, actually, seeing teenagers play cricket a few blocks from my house really reminded why I love America.  No hyperbole there, folks.

This country is amazing because of its multiculturalism, not in spite of it.

In Dominica: the sun is shining, and Vijay has fallen.

Look for me on twitter tomorrow during the final ODI.

Until Monday.

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