Warwickshire v Leicestershire at Birmingham, Friends Life t20, North Group

In the evenings, I make every real attempt to read at least the majority of the new posts on Cricinfo.  There is always a lot worth reading, and it is all fascinating and well written.  I really do think I need to branch out however.  Read other, non-ESPN, blogs; maybe read updates from the Wisden Cricketer…etc.  I feel like all of my views on cricket have been shaped by the same small pool of writers.  Smart, well informed and entertaining writers, mind you, but the same writers nonetheless.

For now, however, I will continue to read and think about and discuss on this blog the articles I read over on Cricinfo.  With the exception of Cricket with Balls.  (Though Jarrod is an ESPN employee…so whatever).

All of the above said, my intention today was to comment on several articles I have read on Cricinfo over the last couple of days: but then this morning I read this article about how Cricket clothing was better, you know, in the author’s time. And I seriously cannot stop thinking about how the author is waxing poetic over her father’s…protective cup.  Or “box” in the parlance of the land.  Or, as I have read over on Twitter: “willy box“.

I know, I know, it is one very quick reference in what is otherwise a nice little fluff piece about the history of clothing in the game, but I seriously cannot get over the image of a little girl ogling her father’s “grotesquely pink box”.

Although, it is a little tiresome, a little grumpy old man-ish (or in this case, woman-ish): “in MY day, we wore kits made of starched concrete that smelled of whiskey and determination – and WE LIKED IT!  No easy breezy self cooling kits for us!  No sir!”  Yes, that’s true, but also the cricket was dour and the players all died of lung cancer.

Back on the pitch: India is playing a warmup match against Somerset this morning at Taunton – day one of the India tour, and it is already raining…

Uganda won the ICC’s Africa Division Twenty20 championship this morning with a six wicket win over Namibia, which I believe means they get an invite to the next qualifying round – good on them.   Kenya, however, finished third.  Another poor showing for an Associate nation in the short form of the game.

Oh, and today is the final day of the FLt20’s regular season.   It is going to be quite the day as several quarterfinal spots are still up for grabs, I need to find a playoff scenario article…hmmmm…I wonder where I could find one…?

Until Monday, Namibia!

via Wikipedia Commons

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