England Lions v Sri Lankans at Derby, Tour Match

Honestly, I never much understood these tour matches.  I mean, how are the England Lions different than just plain old England?  Or Sri Lankans different than simply Sri Lanka? Yes, I realize the squads are very different, and that the matches are simply a tune up for the traveling country, but why the odd names for the squads?  How about just calling them an exhibition?

Insular American Alert.  Insular American Alert.

In County Cricket, Sussex bowled Somerset out for a paltry 213, then proceeded to fumble eight wickets themselves over 38 overs.  113/8 right now and at risk of a follow on.   There are other matches happening of course, but goodness writing a bulletin for all of County Cricket is something I just not prepared to do.   For now, I will concentrate on Sussex unless other, “bigger” matches are happening.

Over in the IPL, Kolkata looks to seal a playoff spot against Pune.  First ball in 34 minutes.  Should be a fun one.

Finally this morning, great article last night on the evolution of the game thanks mainly to the helmet.  The sport must truly be unrecognizable to those that have followed it through both eras.

Until tomorrow.

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