Lancashire v Yorkshire at Liverpool, County Championship Division One

This blog is helping me fall in love with cricket all over again.

I am not sure if it is just because it is forcing to pay more attention to the game, or if it is providing me with a deeper understanding, but all I know is that yesterday I pulled up this picture of Lord’s and felt that old familiar thrill that I felt when I initially fell for the sport back in the spring of 2007.

© Getty Images

One of these days I will tell the full story of my courtship with the game, but that is best left for another day.

Last night I watched Gilchrist’s “aggressive” and “violent” IPL innings for KXIP against RCB over on IndiaTimes.  All the pundits were correct: it was an amazing spell.

At first it looked like his batting versus Sri Lanka in the 2007 World Cup (scoreboard here), where he hit 149 off of 104 deliveries over 2 1/2 hours, but as the innings continued yesterday, it was pretty clear that this was something altogether more brilliant.  His strike rate was more than 50 runs higher, and his strikes were like poetry.  No meathead baseball swings, just one beautiful stroke after another.

And, honestly, good thing his batting is so attractive, as Mr. Gilchrist is one funny looking dude.

Also, important question: does he still put the squash ball in his glove?

In other news, there were a couple CB40 matches yesterday: Derbyshire earned a hard fought with the Dutch in Holland (didn’t know Holland played their home matches away from England) and Middlesex beat Worcestershire by six wickets to move to the top of the table.

The ECB live tweeted the latter match from Lord’s, which was a nice treat.  As mentioned before, I was able to briefly visit the ground last March.  I do hope to get back for a match at some point.   From what I can tell, I won’t have to worry about finding a seat.

And, finally, more County Championship matches this morning.  I am off to follow Sussex v Somerset at Hove.  Until tomorrow.

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