Scotland v Durham at Edinburgh, Clydesdale Bank 40

Love that there is a Clydesdale Bank match to follow this morning.  It was also great to see the West Indies bowl their way through the Pakistani batsmen on Sunday.  Only one more test to go, can the Windies take the series?

Here’s what I do find interesting: there are three groups in the Clydesdale Bank competition in England.  On top of the 18 English Counties, each of the three has an invited guest squad playing – The Netherlands in Group A, Scotland in Group B, and in Group C?

The Unicorns.

I surfed around but found very little information on this oh so poorly named sports franchise on Cricinfo, but thankfully their wikipedia page was more than helpful.

Now, great idea for a team (group of contract-less cricketers or “free agents” formed initially to fill the spot in the 40 Over competition vacated by Ireland….also: they are UNPAID), but oh my goodness who came up with that name?  Is that really the best you could do?

Also, does anyone else feel that maybe Ireland is getting too big for its britches?  I mean, they had a nice world cup and have some fine players, but they  are still an associate member – why turn up your nose at an English competition?

Finally, this morning Middlesex is taking the Sri Lankans exhibition squad in some odd three day test match.  The Sri Lankans are chasing 213 with ten wickets left.

Until tomorrow.

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