Yorkshire v Hampshire at Leeds, County Championship Division One

Yesterday, I followed Sussex as they thrashed Nottinghamshire by 9 wickets, afterward I watched as Pakistan’s spinners ripped through the West Indies batsmen.

It is Day 2 down in Guyana, and Day 4 across England in County Cricket, so again lots to follow as I put my head down and try to get through another work day.

Honestly, having Cricket to follow throughout the day really does help the hours seem a little less painful.  It is always welcome to have scores to check and tweet about.

If only I had a position where I could listen to the BBC’s coverage of the County game – now that would be ideal.

In other news, Sri Lanka’s tour of England unofficially starts tomorrow, with an exhibition match against Middlesex.   The match is only three days, so I seriously have no idea what type of match it is going to be…. Also, the match is being held in Uxbridge on the deep outskirts of London.  Why not at Lord’s, Middlesex’s home ground?

Also, I love looking up Cricket grounds using Google Street View:

I had fun checking out Hove yesterday during Sussex-Nottinghamshire, as well.  Great little neighborhoods there on the South Coast.

Directly across the street from the main gate

Until tomorrow.

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