Rajasthan Royals v Chennai Super Kings at Jaipur, Indian Premiere League

Good morning from a rain soaked Minneapolis.

There wasn’t going to be a blog this morning, but then a few meetings were moved around at work and, well, here I am.  With nothing to write about.

It’s a quiet morning in the world of Cricket.  There was the announcement of the Sri Lankan Premiere League, a T20 league that is due to start in July of this year.  The winner of the tournament will qualify for the T20 Champions League.

The format is similar to the IPL:  a few internationals, but mostly local players, playing for teams representing their region or county.  What is interesting is that the players will be allocated to the team from the region they hail from.   That is something that just does not happen in any other sport.  (Albeit, yes, most other major sports are not birthing new leagues every 18 months.  There’s a difference, I know.)

But still: I like it.  It is a good way to go about business and drum up local support for the new league.

However, it looks as though all the matches will be played at the national ground in Colombo.   Sri Lanka is a small country, but I still think that will hurt the atmosphere.  But we shall see.

Very, very little going on on the actual cricket pitch this morning. So we will wrap things up with a geography lesson:

Now you know where Sri Lanka is.

Until tomorrow.

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