Rajshahi Division v Dhaka Division at Dhaka, National Cricket League

I have thirteen minutes to write today’s post.  And I just wasted two of those minutes logging into Twitter, Gmail, and WordPress.  There has to be a better way!

An article yesterday from Andrew Miller was 50% wonderful and 50% of the usual IPL bashing.  His musings on the County game were brilliant as usual (though writing articles about the pastoral beauty of County Cricket is like shooting fish in a barrel with a barrel sized fish annihilator) but then he ruins it by calling on the ECB to defend the “sanctity” of Cricket by limited the encroachments of the international game.  It is a valid point, in some ways, the Sri Lankan series should be a real barn burner, but instead it is going to be 22 exhausted cricketers playing in English springtime mud.  But why must he have a go at the IPL?

Note to Englishmen: you invented the game.  Kudos.  But time to let it go.

Until tomorrow.

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