Glamorgan v Essex at Cardiff, Clydesdale Bank 40

Yesterday, I watched the trailer for the new film, Fire in Babylon.  Hopefully, it will have a North American release at some point, as I am very anxious to see it.   Not only is it director from the same folks who brought us the wonderful “One Day in September”, but it centers around West Indian cricket and their dominance of the sport between 1975-1990.  I am utterly and completely enamored with that period in cricket. For me, personally, it was the golden age of the sport.

You can watch the trailer at the above link.

I also watched a four part, 20 minute documentary on Malcolm Marshall (available on YouTube) – what an amazing athlete.

Writing this blog has given me the motivation to seek out such documentaries, and if that is the only real benefit, then that is okay with me.

Not much more today, as I have to leave early this afternoon.  Until Monday. Here’s Sir Malcolm:

Courtesy of

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