Somerset v Worcestershire at Taunton, County Championship Division One

It really is disappointing that Cricinfo does not supply ball by ball coverage of the County Championship.   I assume it is simply a manpower issue.  Hiring an army of laptop toting 19 year old journalism majors and deploying them across England comes with a price tag, I am sure.  However, what about using interns?  I mean, at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be a cricket writer?  And if you have a position that you know everyone wants, then you can usually find people to do it for free, just for the “foot in the door.”  Or they could just hire me.

Griffiths to Panesar, no runs

Griffiths to Panesar, no runs

Griffiths to Panesar, one run

Griffiths to Anyon, OUT

Watching Sussex this morning bat for 438 all out on day 2 of their Championship match against Hampshire at Southhampton, whilst ignoring another lackluster ODI down in Providence.

The IPL is still…going…on…of course, too.  The table has actually become quite interesting, with four clubs within three points of each other.

I must admit, watching the highlight packages on India Times has really changed my views on the IPL. I am finally starting to “get it”.  It is the Premiere League of cricket, and maybe, just maybe, exactly what the sport needs.  Club level football, for instance, is infinitely more entertaining and interesting than international football.  And I love that India has taken charge and is building this billion dollar boondoggle.

However, even though I “get it”, I am still annoyed with the pop music between overs, the cheerleaders, and the all around circus like atmosphere.   And for that reason, if I had to choose a league, I would right now choose the County Championship.  Just a little more my speed though.  Beat reporter for Lord’s Cricket Ground: make it happen.

Until tomorrow.

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