Japan v Norway at Gaborone (Oval 2), ICC World Cricket League Division Seven

According to its wikipedia entry, the tournament above, happening right now in Botswana, is part of the World Cricket League which, according to its wikipedia page is a “series of one day international tournaments for national teams without Test status.”

The rankings are based loosely on each nation’s performance in the 2007 World Cup (if applicable) and the league features a promotion and relegation system where the top two teams from this tournament, for instance, will be promoted to Division Six and the bottom two teams demoted to Division Eight.

The ultimate goal, again according to the wikis, is World Cup Qualification for Associate nations, which I think is just wonderful.  The League has a rather complicated format (I read it twice and still do not get it) but it sounds like the ICC is at least attempting to not only bring more nations into the World Cup lottery, but to provide more nations with ODI status.

In the end, it seems, the ICC has done something right for once.  Three cheers for the World Cricket League!

The final, the 3rd place match, and the 5th place match are all on May 8th, and right now it looks as though Kuwait and Nigeria are in line for promotion, though Kuwait bloody CRUSHED Nigeria this morning, opening the door for Germany or even Botswana, who are playing each other right now.  I guess I know which match I will be following at the office today!

Until tomorrow, greetings from Botswana:

Sibtain Raza and Hisham Mirza after their match-winning stand, Norway v Kuwait, ICC World Cricket League Division Seven, Gaborone, Botswana, May 2, 2011

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