Act III, Scene I

And we’re back…


Australia has come back from being two Tests down to win the Ashes exactly once: 1936-37 in Australia.

That summer they lost the first Test by a comprehensive 322 runs at Brisbane and lost the second Test by an even more comprehensive innings and 22 runs at Sydney.

After which they came back and won by 365 runs at Melbourne, won by 148 runs at Adelaide, and an innings and 28 runs again at Melbourne.

Now, while that might give Australian supporters a wee bit of hope, it’s right to remember that Australia in the 1930s had the greatest Test batsman (arguably) of all time batting at number three for them, Donald Bradman, while Australia today have Usman Khwaja in the third position.

No offense intended, Usman, but you are no Sir Donald.

But all of that said, Australia are off to a flying start today against England in the third Test at Old Trafford. Clarke’s 125* has put them in a good spot at 303/3. England surely have a bit of a hangover and all they need from this Test, or the next Test, or the next Test, is a draw and the Ashes stay in England. But still – good to see some fight from Clarke and from Australia. Come out firing tomorrow, fellas, get that lead to 450 before lunch, then we’ll have a match on our hands.


Short post but feels good to be back. See everyone tomorrow.

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