Watching the Cricket

Here I am, watching the cricket:

A wider view:

It has been a great couple of days of Test cricket. South Africa looked to be ready to bury Australia, but the hosts have battled back, thanks in most part to a lovely partnership from Clarke and Cowan.

Last night I was able to watch the entire day’s play. Sure, I had dinner, and coffee, and beer, and watched some Farscape during lunch and tea, and occasionally goofed off generally on the Internet with the game just a small box in the corner, but for the most part, the game was my central focus.

And I must stay, despite how everything has gone for Australia, the hosts look, to me, like the better team right now. Seriously. You take away the Amla-Kallis partnership, and the match is even, and considering how South Africa have seemed perfectly okay with the match playing out to a draw,  you have to give the edge to Australia: they look like they want to win.

South Africa look asleep. Australia, in their bowling and in their fielding specifically, look like they are up and ready to get stuck in.

This despite the fact that the Gabba has been largely empty for the bulk of the three days of play.

I predicted that Australia would win this test. And while I must unfortunately back down from that,  I do think Australia are going to earn themselves a hard fought draw.

Now, back to full screen.


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