A Golden Age

I just learned that the test series between Bangladesh and the West Indies will be carried live here in the states on ESPN3.

This is how it is shaping up then:

#ausvsa: 1st test: Nov 9-13; 2nd test: Nov 22-26; 3rd test: Nov 30-Dec 4

#bangvwi: 1st test: Nov 13-17; 2nd test: Nov 21-25

#indveng: 1st test: Nov 15-19; 2nd test: Nov 23-27; 3rd test: Dec 5-9; 4th test: Dec 13-17

#ausvsl: 1st test: Dec 14-18; 2nd test: Dec 26-30; 3rd test: Jan 3-7

(All of above are those test matches live on either Willow or ESPN3 here in the states).


We are going to be spoiled rotten with test cricket here for the next two months. Let’s enjoy it while we can.

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