A quick bit of housekeeping: Yesterday Limited Overs received the most hits it has ever received in a single day. Thanks again to those that retweeted and reblogged, I do appreciate it. 


This morning, I was working from home, and therefore was lucky enough to be able to watch the first innings of Royal Challengers Bangalore versus Kings XI Punjab in the 44th match of the 2012 Indian Premiere League. 

KXIP defeated RCB by four wickets with one ball to spare, in a hard fought and entertaining cricket match. 

And I am going to go on record here: I like the IPL. I really do enjoy it. And I wish I could watch more of it.  

I like the uniforms, I like the crowds, I like that a vast majority of the best players in the world are on display, and I like that Willow TV carries every match live as well as on demand.  

And on that note, some news: I have “picked” an IPL team: Royal Challengers Bangalore will be the team I support going forward. I know this announcement sounds oh so terribly childish, but it is unfortunately just part of enjoying a sport that does not have a franchise in your home town. Sooner or later: you have to choose, or the sport starts to lose a bit of its luster. 

This was initially decided a few days ago, as I was reading Dirk Nannes’ IPL diary, which I highly recommend you read, if you have not done so already. 

Nannes is a pretty interesting dude: not a full time cricketer until his 20s (did not make his first class debut until he was 29), a world class downhill skier, and a well above average writer. Plus, according to Cricinfo, he speaks Japanese, plays the saxophone,  and operates his own skiiing tourism business. 

A true renaissance man, surely. 

At first, I was not sure about RBC, as Nannes does not really play all that often for them, but the decision was confirmed as I was watching their match this morning, as they really are a collection of some of my absolute favorite current cricketers: de Villiers, Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle…etc. Plus they play their home matches at the understated yet lovely M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore: 


Two drawbacks: they are named after a booze. Lame. And their theme song is, well, not the greatest. 

But, either way, for the time being, they are my IPL team. Let’s see how this goes. Three weeks are left in the group stage, so hopefully that’s enough time for RCB to get back into the top four.  


And with that all said: the first test of the English summer is just 15 days away. 

15 days until the West Indies visit Lord’s. I cannot wait. 

And with the new job, and this working from home thing, I will be able to watch a great deal of it.  Huzzah. 

Until next time. 

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