The Confusing Blog Titles are Dead, Long Live the Confusing Blog Titles

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the kind praise regarding the post on Kolkata 2001. It was an idea I had had for a few months now, but I was unable to find a good five day news cycle that matched up with at least a mildly interesting test match. But I think it worked out okay.

Secondly, as the Cricket Couch pointed out, if I am to be taken the least bit seriously as a cricket blogger, then I need to quit it with the confusing titles for my posts.

The point of them was always to drive home the fact that there was always cricket happening somewhere, every day of the year, and that I thought that was cool; but that point has been made, and even if I wanted to continue making it, I could do so without using confusing blog post titles. And when I started, I felt I needed a gimmick, and some structure. But, alas, I took it too far down the river.

And not only is it confusing, it is also misleading. If someone, for example, googles a Zimbabwean league match and ends up here only to see that I was actually writing about Yorkshire CCC, well, then that’s bait and switch, plain and simple. Even worse: it’s impression whoring. Egads, right?

Though, honestly, I never meant it to be as such.

And, so, the blog titles will now instead relate directly to the subject matter of the post. You’re welcome.

It’s the start of a new era here at Limited Overs. What’s past is prologue. Onward and upward, dear friends.

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