Leicestershire v Middlesex at Leicester, County Championship Division Two

I was unable to post yesterday, because of a project here at work that needed special attention.  But again, probably for the best, as not very much is happening in the world of cricket.

One story I found interesting was about Sangakkara’s comments on how he dislikes two test series, and I could not agree more.  Just one more reason why he is my favorite cricketer.

I know this makes me sound like the silly American who complains about draws in European sport, but I really think it is important to at least make it likely that there will be a result when you are playing a series of matches.  Otherwise, it feels completely unfulfilling, like a bad indie movie.

But there I go again, clamoring for more cricket, when just last week (or was it the week prior?) I was clamoring for the ICC to start paying attention to the amount of cricket being played by the world’s best players, as it was degrading the quality of the games being played and players were getting hurt.  And Sri Lanka, of all countries, was one of my prime examples in that post.

But why not play three tests and two less ODIs?  Oh, that’s right, television doesn’t like tests.  I forgot.

And it is going the other way, as Cricinfo in the same article pointed out that Australia’s visit to South Africa now only features two tests instead of the three that were originally planned, in order to make room for…the Twenty20 Champions League.

So not more cricket, different cricket.  That’s all I am saying.

As Sangakkara says, “Test cricket is still, to my mind, the most important form of the game out there. There’s nothing like it, there’s nothing that comes close to it. This is the only arena where you can really make your mark as a cricketer. If you are successful at Test cricket, that is all that matters I think.”

Amen, brother.

And speaking of tests, the third test between Sri Lanka and Australia starts tomorrow (or tonight on my watch).  Sri Lanka is down one-nil but can draw even with a victory.  Goodness I wish willow.tv would cover this match.  I have a feeling it is going to be a good one.

Finally today, over on Twitter I mentioned that I need to pick a county to follow, that following ALL matches is just no fun so I end up following none.  I have tried and tried to have Sussex be my team for years now and it just has not stuck.  I think because the reason I chose them was so haphazard and rushed.

(I know all of this sounds ridiculous, that you should never choose a sport team, that you should let them choose you, but I have been waiting for that to occur for years now and it just has not happened.  So this is a process I must initiate).

A few years ago, a writer for ESPN.com went through the process of choosing a Premiere League football team, you can find the article here (it is worth your time, for reals) and I plan on doing something similar for the counties, except exploring each county individually in a single post instead of one long post.  I will write about the history of the club, the ground, the pros, the cons, the celebrity fans, the famous players, the famous matches…etc.  So: look forward to that. Or not.  At the end, I will have a team to follow, hopefully.

If you are reading this, and have a county in mind for me, then let me know.

That’s it, until tomorrow.

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