Netherlands v Kenya at Voorburg, ICC Intercontinental Cup One-Day

Well, it seems people do read this blog.  I thought I was talking to myself the entire time.

Thankfully, my new readers understood the “tongue-in-cheek” nature of yesterday’s post, and that the majority of my posts are meant to be taken as semi-jokes.

And even when I am being serious, I freely admit that my lack of knowledge opens those posts up for criticism.

Today is Tuesday, so that means a short post, which works out because there doesn’t seem to be a great deal going on.  The fifth and final ODI of the England-India series, and the last match of India’s summer in England, is on the 16th in Cardiff.  (So, I guess, in that case, India’s tour of England ended at Lord’s on Sunday.)

Can Indian win at least one game of the tour?  That is really the only storyline left.

I will admit that I am little down about the series ending, as it means that fall is well and truly here.  But I am looking forward to what should be a great autumn and winter of cricket, lots of which I will be able to watch on

In other news this morning, Trott is ICC’s cricketer of the year.  Okay.  I guess.  I have not read any of the pundits’ reaction to the selection, but the guy did remorselessly accumulate over 1000 runs in 12 tests and over 1000 runs in 24 ODIs.

Cook won test cricketer of the year, and that is well deserved, while Sangakkara (my personal cricketer of the year) won the people’s choice award and the ODI player of the year.

As Cricinfo mentioned in its article this morning, the only real snub was the entire nation of India, as they only one award despite being the number one test nation for most of they year as well as being, you know, world fucking champions.

What does this prove?  That no matter the genre, award shows are complete rubbish.

Today’s matches to follow include: the Dutch versus Kenya in a 50 over match (hey, no rain!), Ireland versus Canada in a 50 over match, both games are part of the laboriously long ICC Intercontinental Cup (see you for the trophy presentation in 2013).  There is also a whole host of county games to watch.  All in all, a nice day of cricket.  Until tomorrow.

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