Unicorns v Glamorgan at Wormsley, Clydesdale Bank 40

I really needed to post something today.  I have done nothing but slack, slack, slack since leaving for Wisconsin like two weeks ago.

It’s not even blog related…I haven’t been eating right, I haven’t been working out.  But school starts tonight and I have switched back to tea and I am looking forward to dipping myself back into autumnal routine.  This starts now:

Last night I watched a chunk of the Friends Life t20 final.  On Twitter I said t20 was to test cricket what slow pitch softball was to major league baseball.  But now I think that is actually not quite correct.  I think it is closer to cricket’s version of MLB’s home run derby.

If you are unfamiliar with the home run derby, then consider yourself lucky.  But suffice it to say it is probably the most boring, most interminable, most annoying event in sports.  Full stop.

And to top it off, it is hosted by ESPN Chris Berman, who shouts “back, back, back, back” every time a player puts another meatball into the seats.

I guess with Twenty-20, at least the bowlers are trying to get the hitters out, but the endless flood of boundaries just reminds me too much of the home run derby.  As does the music and the weird little dances the crowd does with each knock.
So I think I might be a little bit done with Twenty-20 cricket.  For now anyway.

The perfect antidote?

Test cricket, of course.  And as I mentioned last week (I use that phrase way too often on this blog) there are two test matches this week.  The Sri Lanka v Australia test will be taking place at the Galle International Stadium, which was built in 1876 but did not become a cricket ground until 1927.  It is widely considered to be one of the most picturesque grounds in the world (this according to Wikipedia anyway), but I was unable to find any great pictures, except for ones that show it wrecked by the 2010 Boxing Day Tsunami:

The last test it hosted was in July of last year, Sri Lanka v India.  Sri Lanka won by 10 wickets.  Malinga took nine wickets in one of his last test performances.  And looking over the scoreboard, I think the cracks in India’s armor were already starting to show.

Okay, until tomorrow.

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