Ireland v England at Dublin, Only ODI

It wouldn’t be a match in Ireland without a rain delay, right?  At least, that is what I think is happening this morning in Dublin, as England are being limited to 42 overs and I can only assume that this is a full fledged ODI.

And they have already batted for 37.4 of them, and Ireland have put them on the back foot, for sure.  Taking six wickets and limiting them to 166 with only 24 balls remaining.  Trott’s unbeaten 67 and Captain Morgan’s (hahahahaha) 59 off of 65 the only highlights from the England side.

Meanwhile, I am pretty sure the entire Ireland squad has bowled at least an over.  Well, not the entire squad, but seven of them have.  Is this a cricket secret?  Throw as many different attacks as possible at a team?  It probably only works for lower class teams like Ireland.

So: where do they play cricket in Dublin?

At the Clontarf Cricket Club, Castle Avenue, Dublin:

(This is usually where I post a breathtaking view of the ground, but I honestly could not find one.  It seems it is really nothing but a field…no stands, no terraces…Google Streetview didn’t even provide anything.  Heck, I couldn’t even find a decent picture of Clontarf Castle that supposedly casts its shadow over the ground.)

Oh, down goes Trott, and here comes the tail.

Anyway, the ground was built in 1958 and is the home of both Clontarf Cricket Club as well as the Clontarf Rugby Club. It is one of two established ODI grounds in Ireland.  That’s about all the information I have.

My take out of this?  If Ireland want to be taken seriously: build a proper cricket ground.

Oh wait, you’re broke?  So what!  This is sports, damn it!  The state of Minnesota is so broke we shut the government down for three weeks, yet there is still talk of a publically funded NFL stadium!

Actually, no, don’t do that.

And Woakes has 13 off of ten deliveries.  England only have seven balls left, but if they can get over 200, they could end their innings on the ascension.

Now, I was going to end today’s blog with some notes on “The Troubles” (I just read a book), but I will save that for another day.

Until tomorrow.

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