Kent v Gloucestershire at Beckenham, Friends Life t20, South Group

Today, I am writing from home.  Which means: better coffee, better company (my thousand year old mutt), better music, better atmosphere, better everything.  Will this mean a higher quality post today?  Probably not.

Which begs the questions, if a blogger writes a post that nobody reads, can it still be superior to the other posts that no one read?

That said, I did fix the errors from Monday’s blog.  It was 8:00am on a Monday and I for some reason believed that the West Indies were simply a western part of India.  At least, that’s what it looked like I believed.

Further: because I am home today, I am able to listen to the BBC’s coverage of county cricket.  Must admit excitement.

Not a great deal happening otherwise.  The 3rd and final test between Sri Lanka and England starts tomorrow, and the final ODI down in the WEST INDIES is tomorrow, as well.

I had thought about writing about the ground the match in the title of this post is being played at, but I hard time finding a great deal of information on it.   Kent plays their majority of their home matches at the St. Lawrence Ground in Canterbury, but it seems they also play two of their home t20 matches at the Kent County Cricket Ground in Beckenham, a suburb of Kent.  Not a great deal to say about the ground, but here is some nice information (well, a picture and a map) from Kent’s website.

Now I am listening to BBC Bristol cover Kent v Gloucestershire. The “Gladiators” (ugh) are 18 without loss, despite darkening skies.  There also seems to be a nice crowd who are taking full advantage of the beer vendors, again despite the darkening skies. And, AND, there is a row of “flats” that overlooks the ground where the occupants are having friends over to watch the match. (All of this via the commentary team).

One of my all time favorite fantasies is to live in an apartment that overlooks a sporting ground.  Be it rugby, cricket, football, whatever. I am sure it is expensive, and I am sure it can be very, very annoying, but I think it would be just wonderful.  I actually did some research (in vain) on the flats that overlook Leyton Orient’s football ground:

Football pic in a cricket blog. Is that allowed?

Well, rain in Kent this morning, of course, it seems.  Good thing there are four other matches today, let’s hope it is not a complete washout.

Oh, and finally, here to the best of knowledge, are the “flats” the commentators were discussing.

Sometimes the Internet ruins things.

Until tomorrow.

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