West Indies v India at North Sound, 4th ODI

I haven’t even finished my coffee yet and the West Indies are already down two wickets in Antigua.

West Indies Cricket: we lose more wickets before 9am than India will all day.

(For the three of you that remember the old US Army ad campaign).

Up to Bravo and Lendl to steady the ship this morning.  But it is just not shaping up to be the Windies day.

In the only other high level match of the day, Surrey takes on Essex at the Oval in a Friends Life t20 match.  First ball in around four hours.

Finally, on Saturday, I was able to pop over to Bryn Mawr field to watch some cricket in person.  I was happy to see that the MCA takes their cricket very seriously.  All the players were dressed appropriately, and even the umpires looked the part.  The cricket itself was of a higher quality than I expected, as well.  I did not have time to stay very long, but I was able to see one heckuva run out.  I hope to get down there more often this summer.

Until tomorrow, here’s a photo dump from Saturday.

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