England v Sri Lanka at Lord’s, 2nd Test (day 5)

Interestingly enough, England seemed to be playing for the draw this morning in London.  At first I thought the declaration, to paraphrase New Order, would never come.  But when I emerged from my weekly meeting: there it was.  And Sangakarra had already fallen.

There are a minimum of 46 overs remaining, but there isn’t any rain in the forecast, all of this bodes well for England.  However, I don’t see Sri Lanka being foolish with their wickets this time around.  They have pulled out famous draws at Lord’s before…

And that’s Tea…final session to come.

In more local news, the Minnesota Cricket Association’s 2011 season started up last weekend.  I am hoping to get out to watch some local cricket again this summer, time permitting of course.  There are four matches this coming Saturday at Bryn Mawr…and every Saturday throughout June, July, and August.

Yesterday, not quite so locally, but closer than most cricket (hey, at least it is near my time zone), India’s B squad boringly, but successfully, chased down the West Indies’ 214.  Their 2nd ODI is tomorrow.  I am hoping for a few more fireworks.  (Not the literal ones).

And, finally, the Friends Life t20 cranks back up again tomorrow with a complete set of fixtures throughout England, with more to come on Thursday and Friday.  I am looking forward to following them all as best I can.  (Finding that a combination of Twitter and Cricinfo is my best bet for following…the days of listening to the BBC are over, unfortunately.) My adopted club, Sussex, are away to Essex at the County Ground in Chelmsford tomorrow.  First ball at 13:00pm CDT.  Perfect.  Right after lunch.

Nice looking ground:

Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons

Also, I read an interesting bit yesterday about how, despite the fact that league football is officially done and dusted for the season, there weren’t any county cricket matches happening last weekend.   That won’t be a problem this weekend, of course, but it still seems like the County game should take full advantage of football-less weekends.  As there are only, like, what: three or four of those a year?  I mean, Fulham play their first Europa league qualifer in a month.  Arsenal report to Austria at about the same time.  This is your window, ECB.  No football, no IPL…

Anyway, someone dropped a sitter over in Scheduling, it seems.

Until tomorrow.

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