West Indies v India at Port of Spain, 1st ODI

Two great international matches going on this morning.  First, we have the West Indies playing the travelers India in Trinidad, as well as Sri Lanka and England in day four of their second test at Lord’s.

However, it looks as though the former match is the only one that will see a result, as the latter match is careening slowly toward a draw.

I don’t have a great deal to write about today, so I thought I would chat a little bit about the ground in Port of Spain, but the satellite photo used on google maps is obscured by clouds, and there is no street view.  So: no inspiration.

Interestingly, though, the ground is an older ground.  It was not built in 2006 like all the other West Indian Cricket grounds, it was actually established in 1896, though I am sure it has gone through several additions, subtractions, and reconstructions since.  It also features wonderful views of Trinidad’s Northern Range:

As I inserted that  photo, the West Indies lost another wicket.  33-2 though nine overs.  Despite the fact that India sent their B Squad, it looks as though the Windies are in for another long day in the hot sun.

Now, I have a meeting, and then a million phone calls to slog through.  Thankfully, as always, there is cricket to follow.  Until tomorrow.


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