Sussex v Essex at Hove, Friends Life t20

Hey, look at that, T20 County Cricket begins today.  Sussex, via their e-mail mailing list, has been hyping this tournament, and only this tournament (with the glaring exception of this summer’s Elton John concert at the ground)  for months, and months, and months.  And, well, it has worked, to a degree.  I find myself mildly excited for County Cricket’s answer to the IPL.

Oh, and hey, good on the ECB for waiting until the IPL was over to start their tournament up.

Today, Sussex take on Essex with the first ball in about four and half hours.

In other news since my unannounced blog hiatus (hey, writing a blog every day of the week is HARD, just ask Bike Snob, that dude has more followers than Jesus Christ himself and even he (the Snob, not Jesus) takes a week off here and there), anyway, in other news: England stormed back in thrilling fashion to finish off Sri Lanka on the 5th day to win the first test by a full innings.  Everyone and their mother assumed that match was destined for a draw, and when I flipped on the Internet for the scores that afternoon, I could not believe they had pulled one out.

Now, Andrew Hughes over on Cricinfo’s page 2 points out that watching Cook and Trott bat is like watching paint dry (though he uses a very elongated and clumsy simile to do so, which is boring in its own right) (and, well, Mr. Hughes is one of those dudes that just loves to shit on everything, god bless the Internet), and while it might be boring, it produces results. What do you want, Mr. Hughes?  A team that wins?  Or a team that plays cosmopolitan, champagne cricket?  Being an Arsenal supporter myself, trust me when I say I would take the former every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

The 2nd test between Sri Lanka and England starts tomorrow at Lord’s in the heart of London town.  It should be a fine setting for a fine match.  Here’s hoping KP gets back in the swing of things, so to speak.

And India’s tour of the West Indies starts on Sunday.  I was hoping ESPN3 would pick up these matches but, alas, no dice.

Now, off to do some work, so I can “watch” Sussex this afternoon.

Until tomorrow:

England v Australia, 5th ODI, Lord's, July 3, 2010, @Getty Images

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