England v Sri Lanka at Cardiff, 1st Test

Oh, computers.  Computers and rain.

After six glorious weeks of sunshine in England this spring, the first day of the first test of international cricket in England this summer is truncated by rain.

Sri Lanka started boldly, but lost two late wickets.   Today, at drinks, they are a very respectable 269/5.  However, thanks to the late start yesterday, most pundits foresee a draw.

What’s worse is I could not even write about the above because my computer decided to, well, fail.  And even when the IT monkey got it working again, the screen resolution was (and still is) wonky at best, and headache inducing at worst.  How am I supposed to write a blog that no one reads if I cannot view the cricket scores in high definition? Oh, wait, you would prefer I sell things?  Oh, I see.  Whatever.

In other news:  Tendulkar, Yuvraj and Gambhir have all backed out of India’s tour of the West Indies.  Now, it is unfortunate for the Windies, as these players would have drawn fans to the arenas, but it also bodes well for their chances in the series.

And today is yet another “final” in the IPL.  This will make three, with one more to come, in case you lost count.

During the previous “final”, there were lots of murmurings about the stadium being half full, despite Tendulkar, despite Mumbai, despite the fact that it was a “final.”  Is the luster of the IPL well and truly gone?

Finally: love those Sri Lankan sweater vests.

Chris Tremlett ended Tharanga Paranavitana's stubborn innings, England v Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Cardiff, 2nd day, May 27 2011. © Getty Images

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