Rajasthan Royals v Mumbai Indians at Jaipur, Indian Premier League

There was a time, in the not so distant past, but long before I started following the sport, that the West Indies were the best cricket team on the planet.   Dominating test series after test series, and winning back to back world cups (’75 and ’79).   Considering the above, is a little sad to see the state of West Indian cricket.  Hosting the disastrous 2007 World Cup (not really their fault) and most recently, on the receiving end of a thrashing in an ODI series on their home turf by Pakistan.

I talk a lot about the health of cricket here, and I think it is important for the growth of the sport that West Indies stays competitive and relevant.  And the poor form on the pitch and the infighting by the WICB are not helping matters in the least.  Hopefully, at some point, they will right the ship, and return to being cricket’s gleaming tropical outpost.

In the IPL, Rajasthan “hammered” Mumbai, only the second loss for the Indians in the tournament.  Mumbai is still top of the table, but Rajasthan is now in 2nd.  Warne only took one wicket, but it seems he had a massive spell for the Royals. I wished I could have watched him bowl to Sachin.

Over in England, the County Championship enters its fourth day, despite the distraction of the Royal Wedding.   Last night I clicked on Sussex’s page for the first time in a while, and checked out Sussex TV – their highlights have come a long, long way.  Still only the one camera, but the viewing screen is twice the size it once was, and they actually have an announcer talking to the highlights, instead of just music. (Though I personally loved the old techno track they used to play over them).  I will need to investigate other County pages and see what they have to offer in the form of video.

Back to work.  Here’s William and Kate:

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  1. Oh, there is William, Kate, a frightened little girl, and a pervy looking dude in the background. Take a picture, Uncle Freakshow, it’ll last longer.

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