Bangladesh v Australia at Mirpur, 3rd ODI

Honestly, I am not sure if I should be saying “at Mirpur” or “at Dhaka”.  It appears that Dhaka is a city outside of Mipur, where the actual stadium is, but Cricinfo waffles on where the match actually, offically…is.

Which brings up the blog post titles: these are not meant to be match reports, or anything remotely similar to match reports.  I just love the fact that there is cricket going on every day of the year (at some level) on every corner of the world, and so each day’s post will bring a new cricket match to think about.  Some days it will be England v India at Lord’s, and some days it will be two Zimbabwean club teams playing 30 over cricket on some shit ground a thousand miles from anything.

Yesterday Malinga did not disappoint, bowling Agarwal for a duck…with the very first ball.  Meanwhile Tendulkar continued his fine run of form with 55 off of 46 to lead Mumbai to a nine wicket win.

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni returned to the pitch for the first time since captaining India to the promised land, as his Chennai side took on Kings XI in the IPL.  However it looks like Kings XI is going to spoil the party, as they require only another 21 off of 18 balls to seal the win.

Speaking of Chennai and Kings XI: what is with the names of these teams?  I am sure it is simply Indian sporting tradition, and I am coming off as an idiot insular American, but goodness me were the teams named by schoolchildren?

For the uninitiated, their full names are Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab.  The former is far worse than the latter, but they are both poor names for clubs.  Say what you will about football, but they know (knew?) how to name their squads:  Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan.  Now those are proper names for clubs.  Heck, even Major League Baseball gets it right here and there. The NHL has its moments, too.

I also heard some complaints yesterday on the kits in the IPL.  Some are uglier than others, but some are sublimely beautiful, like Kings XI, for instance.

Until tomorrow.

Paul Valthaty scored the first century in IPL 2011 to lead Kings XI Punjab's chase of 188 in Mohali
Paul Valthaty scored the first century in IPL 2011 to lead Kings XI Punjab's chase of 188 in Mohali © AFP

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