Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils at Jaipur, Indian Premiere League

Ashok Dinda bowled Amit Paunikar after Rajasthan Royals had got off to a brisk start in their chase of 152 in Jaipur © AFP

I love cricket photography.  I love it so much.  Someday, I will learn why.  Maybe it is the uniforms, maybe it is the green, maybe it is how far the players are from the crowd.

In the real world of cricket, the IPL continues to grind along.  Supposedly, the stadiums are half full and the crowds lackluster – according to some India has been to the cricket mountaintop and is taking a break from the sport they love.

The cricket so far has been, well, okay.  No barnburners to speak of quite yet, but it is still early days.

In about an hour, the Mumbai Indians play.  They are the closest thing in the IPL I have to a favorite squad.  Mostly because I could watch Malinga bowl all day, every day.  Remember before when I said it was great to follow cricket matches via text only descriptions?  Well, scratch that when it comes to Malinga.

The dead rubber between Bangladesh and the Aussies is tomorrow – live on ESPN3…at 3:40 in the morning.  I might be able to catch a couple overs in the morning before work.  We shall see.

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