I have been doing some freelance writing, and I wanted to pass along the links in case anyone was interested.

For the brand new PasteSoccer.com I have been helping them out with their World Cup coverage. I wrote a piece about why Switzerland is going to shock the world this summer, as well as a couple more straightforward previews (Ecuador, France, Honduras and the Swiss), a stadium gallery and a few quick-hit video posts – with more to come, too.

Regarding cricket, I also wrote two short features for the ACF Champions League’s official site: a player feature on all-rounder Fawwad Latif and a team profile of the Arizona Scorpions.

Getting paid to write is both rewarding as well as far more tedious, as I tend to agonize over every word for the paid pieces, while here on the blog I just shoot from the hip – which is a bit more fun. That said, seeing the money show up in my PayPal account makes the agonizing worth it.

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