Book II: Act II, Scene I

When I was in college, for a short time, I worked at the campus auditorium. This meant working a lot of weekends, and a lot of sitting around backstage with the union guys watching, of all things, golf.

I remember one of them remarking, off-handedly, that the reason he liked watching golf was because he liked seeing all the different courses.

At the time I thought that was kind of a silly reason to watch a sport, but nowadays I totally get it.

I watch (or, watched) cycling for the lovely French countrysides and mountain ranges, for instance, and I watch cricket – at least in some part – for the small taste of blue sky and sunshine during the Minnesota winters, and for the occasionally architecturally interesting and/or otherwise historical grounds.

And so that is why – again, partially – why I love the Australian summer so: for I get to see said blue skies and high suns and folks enjoying cold beers on green lawns when I really need it the most.

And I really needed it last night. For we have had seven inches of snow, and temperatures are in the single digits (Fahrenheit) and falling fast. But, unfortunately, when I tuned into the cricket last night, I saw grey skies and sweater vests. I saw fans blowing on their hands to keep them warm. And I saw a full third of the ground under construction.

It was deflating.

And then the cricket was just not quite there either. England landing hammer blows before lunch aside, it was unaggressive, defensive, uninteresting cricket – and so without the Adelaide summer to hold my attention, I found myself heading to bed early.


Quick food update: last night I didn’t get home until late, so I had leftover Indian food grilled up in corn tortillas with a spinach salad. I also had a couple Leinenkugels – a cheap Wisconsin swill that I don’t know why I bought.

All of the above hit the spot last night, though, after a long day at work, a terrible commute, and having to shovel seven inches of wet, heavy snow off of the driveway – but it did not really go all that well with Australia versus England. So maybe that also explains the early bed time.

Until tomorrow.

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