Book II: Act I, Scene II

I spent the last 24 hours and change at my nonprofit’s camp facility in Willow River, Minn. and therefore missed all of yesterday’s play.

But that’s all right:

willow river

It was an inspiring and transformative time – to say the least.


And speaking of transformative: England’s collapse yesterday at the hand’s transformed the first match of the Ashes – and with it the entire series.

I am no fan of Australia – but I want them to win this Test. I want them to win it for all of us neutrals out there, and I want them to win it for cricket itself – because an Australian win means a competitive Ashes series, and a competitive Ashes series isn’t just good for Cricket Australia, it is good for Test cricket and for the game overall.

Lots riding on this one, fellas – don’t blow it.

More tomorrow.

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