Right. So the Tendulkar era has ended. Cricket will never be the same, that is for certain, but how exactly it will change has yet to be determined.

Cricket, the game, changes swiftly and easily, but it also adheres tightly to its traditions – traditions like the Ashes.

And so it is fitting that as the sport bravely enters a world that no longer contains Sachin, that its most traditional series starts up almost immediately. It is almost as if the game is telling us, look, it’s cool, the game has gone through monumental, geological changes over the last 140 years – pandemics, world wars, natural disaster – but the Ashes is still here. And it will continue to be here no matter what. It can weather SRT’s retirement.

The game changes quickly, but it is grounded in its traditions. Today, more so than ever, it is nice to be reminded of that.

I will be writing daily recaps of the series, just as I did with the series this past summer, but I also wanted to pen a quick and dirty prediction:

England 3, Australia 0.

See everyone on, Twitter.

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