World Test Championship

I’m excited and here’s why:

1. Cricket needs to evolve to survive, and the need is just too urgent to allow it to do so organically. The World Test Championship is just the kind of forced evolution the game needs.
2. It adds meaning to all those meaningless two Test series.
3. “Every ball counts” is the best value proposition in sport.
4. It puts the first class game back in the spotlight – at all levels, international and domestic.
5. It does not put a cramp into any other current competitions.
6. The game is now finite. No, that’s a good thing.

And so next steps:

1. Decrease the ODI World Cup to six teams in order to make those tediously long ODI series at least a little more interesting
1a. Find a way to still involve the Associates
2. Involve the Associates in everything: including the World Test Championship
3. Find a better hash-tag. #wtc does not make me think of cricket, it makes me think of this.

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