Act II, Scene III

In my senior year of college I worked at a financial firm doing basic administrative duties. Filing and answering phones and sending out packages. It was mindless but I liked it.

I was working there at the absolute peak of the Dot-com bubble – the Nasdaq was over 5,000 and people were making money hand over fist. (One advisor made $100,000 in one single day. Two weeks later his wife was diagnosed with cancer.) I was also working there when the bubble burst. One day in particular stands out: April 15th, 2000, when this happened:

After market close that day I was having a smoke with one of the older brokers. He was telling me that days like we had just had were actually not all that bad – because it was just one day and sometimes stocks are overvalued and the market needs a correction.

He said it was far worse was in the 1970s when the market would inch downward a little bit at a time every single day – he compared it to, and I apologize to my female readers, to having one’s testicles placed in a vice and having someone tighten the pinchers a little bit every single day for months and months.

And that, dear friends, is what England is doing to Australia.

It is boring and it is slow, but it is also painfully and thoroughly and demoralizingly and tortuously effective.

The Cricinfo ball by ball commenter used the word “massacre” to describe the day – I think a better word would be “suffocation.”


Finally, congrats to Joe Root. What a day:


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