Act I, Scene IV

My goodness what an absorbing day of Test cricket.

I overslept this morning (5am comes might early on Saturdays after a late night) and so missed the entire first session, but was up during the lunch break for coffee and toast and settled in to watch what was a truly brilliant day of Test Cricket.

It is amazing in a game that builds so slowly to have so many changes in momentum over the course of a single day’s play: first it was England’s day, then Australia’s, then England’s, then Australia’s, and so on until fans and players and commentators were sea sick and shell shocked.

In the end, England continued to prove that they are still a truly great side, landing hammer blows as the curtain closed on the day, taking three Australian wickets in 17 deliveries, putting the hosts on the brink.

But as many have mentioned, Australia are in a far better position this evening than they were before the final day of Edgbaston 2005, and so there is still a lot to play for tomorrow – and here’s hoping I wake up to the alarm to this time, because the first session is going to be a cracker.


This match so far has lived up to the hype, and no matter what happens,  the game will live long in the annals of Ashes history. Over the course of the last four days, we have seen everything that is great about Test cricket, everything that is horrible about modern cricket, and everything in between. And now we get a day five, a fifth act.

In Shakespearian dramas, the fifth act bring us redemption, resolution, and retribution. Let us hope tomorrow brings all three of those to the great stage that is Trent Bridge, that is the Ashes, that is Test cricket.

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