ICC Champions Trophy

For those of you that missed the news on Twitter, the 2013 Champions Trophy will be carried live and in its entirety in the USA on ESPN3. I would like to thank Twitter user @shrivastavrahul for passing on the news.

I looked around for a press release from the Worldwide Leader, but found nothing. The matches are showing up on ESPN3’s site though, so I am of course confident that this is actually happening.

Now, I know it is not everyone’s favorite tournament, but having the option to watch it is better than not having the option to watch it.

I will be updating the World Cricket Internet Schedule when the tournament is closer. In the meantime, here is a link to Cricinfo’s match schedule.


This is just further proof that ESPN believes that there is a market for cricket in America – whether the audience is ex-pats or not does not matter. And once ESPN latches onto something, they really tend to run with it. This could be an interesting few years.

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