Shellacked (and some other stuff)

Sussex vs Worcestershire at Hove, Yorkshire Bank 40
Worcestershire 245-9; Sussex 154 all out
Worcestershire won by 91 runs

And what do you have to say about that?

6,500 fans, your home patch, Sunday afternoon, first match after a successful 40 over campaign last season, and you get absolutely bloody hammered.

There were no bright spots, only worries about what could be a very long summer for Sussex. This is a team that should be battling on all three fronts; yet at this moment they look mid-table at best in both the Championship and the YB 40.

To lose four wickets in 11 overs when chasing a catchable total is simply unforgivable. As is letting Daryl Mitchell, of all people, he of a 31 List A average, score at over a run a ball for almost three hours.

On your home patch. On a Sunday afternoon. In front of a full house.


Next up for Sussex: another YB 40 match at Northamptonshire on May the 10th.


These match reports have filled in a nice dry spell here on Limited Overs. I also have a HUGE social media post that I am working on inbetween posts and it is nearly killing me. I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day.

I have not, despite my vow, been watching the Indian Premier League. It’s been a busy month and I just have not found the time. And this brings me to a bit of a whinge: I hate how Willow TV posts the scores on its YouTube page.

I have a hard time watching the games because they are on during the work day here in the States, but I would watch them “on demand” if Willow would not post the scores where they were so visible.

Now, I understand that we live in a world full of “spoilers” and complaining about being spoiled I think is silly and juvenile. But at the same time, as a service to its subscribers, Willow TV should not post the scores on its YouTube page. Just as ESPN3 doesn’t and just as FoxSoccer2Go doesn’t.


Back to my earlier point: I have not been watching the IPL, and while I have been paying attention to County Cricket and the Zimbabwe-Bangladesh series, I feel like cricket is in a bit of a lull, a bit of an off season. I think when the English summer really starts to kick off, I will have be writing more interesting posts than the occasional match report.


Finally, I wanted to pass along this great article about cricket in the Bronx, NY. Worth your time. Cheers to Brett Graham for sending it my way.

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