The First Step

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that in order for cricket to survive, all parties involved need to work together to solve the sport’s problems

The first step, of course, is to define and agree on what those problems are.

In my limited experience, I have identified the following issues in need of correction:

1. The weakness of the ODI format

2. Too many (far too many) meaningless matches

3. The sport’s relationship with gambling organizations and fast food companies

4. The overall and general inaccessibility of the game

I will be exploring each problem in a separate post, with the exception of #3, which I just wrote about here.


That is not to say that the above are ALL of cricket’s current problems, but they are the ones I have identified and feel qualified enough to write about and offer solutions for.

I would love to hear my readers’ thoughts as to what, specifically, they think the current problems are, and their ideas on how to solve those problems. Particularly, I would be interested to read about problems on the pitch itself, as I am just not well versed enough in the game to feel confident writing about whether the T20 has ruined Test batting, for instance.


Look for the first post in this series on Tuesday.


2 Replies to “The First Step”

  1. All problems, in my opinion, stem from the “first problem”. Which is corruption.

    I don’t mean capital-c Corruption of overt law-breaking, but a soft corruption, where the interests of those who run the game and those who market the game are not aligned with those who play the game and those who watch it. Where those in boards and the press are motivated not by serving the fans, but by other indirect personal or institutional benefits.

    1. Excellent point. Drilling down to the root problem is key. The four problems I list above are symptoms of a larger disease (corruption) – but sometimes the best way to cure a disease is to attack each symptoms separately.

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