Major Announcement

Dear USA based readers (and other assorted parties):

I wanted to introduce you to a new page here on Limited Overs, the World Cricket Internet Schedule for US Viewers.

The page will list all upcoming International matches (including IPL, BBL, and other major tournaments), separated by date, with a local US time – AND it will tell you where to watch the match, on the Internet, in the United States.

I feel that as the sport grows in popularity here in the states, both among the ex-pat community, as well as among native born Americans, and coverage of the sport increases, this will become an invaluable resource for my fellow stateside cricket fans. And while of course right now the only Internet sources showing cricket matches are Willow and ESPN3, I think that will change in the future, so I am getting a head start. And even before other sources come along, it will be a good place to see which matches are coming up on any given day, on a site geared toward fans in the United States, so you can plan your days and nights accordingly.

I also hope to expand it soon to include those matches on actual television, not just the Internet.

Anyway, check it out, bookmark it, and come back often. Also please do let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback or suggestions.

Thanks, as always, for reading.


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