Can’t lose ’em all

The month long previews of India versus England and Australia versus South Africa continues…


England has played 51 test matches in India.

England has won 11 of those matches, India has won 14, and the rest were drawn.

And so despite England’s well worn reputation as subcontinentally poor, they actually have done, well, okay in India.

Of course, those wins have been few and far between as of late. They won in 2006 at Mumbai, but before that had not won on Indian soil since 1985 in Chennai.

All told, they won twice in the 30s, once in the 50s, four times in the 70s, three times in the 80s. zero times in the 90s, and once in the aughts.

Not exactly dominant but not exactly push overs either.

Let’s look at the other non-sub-continental test nations and their records in India:

Australia: played 42, won 12, lost 15, tied 1, with 14 draws

South Africa: played 12, won 5, lost 5, with 2 draws

New Zealand: played 31, won 2 (yikes), lost 13, with 16 draws

West Indies: played 43, won 14, lost 9, with 20 draws

All in all, it shapes up something like this:

Now, I consider South Africa a bit of an outlier, but even with omitting them, England’s winning percentage does not look all that impressive, but they actually fall right into the middle of the pack when it comes to securing either a win or a draw in India.

Unfortunately for England, based on the column totals,  non-subcontinent teams have a terrible time winning when India are hosting, but they do have a knack for scratching out draws. Of course, that latter silver lining might have something to do with rain, but the point still stands: England probably won’t lose every match in India.

3 Replies to “Can’t lose ’em all”

  1. just found this blog. looks really fun. i, too, an american cricket fan though i only just got into the sport a few months back towards the end of a year of study in Leeds, UK. i got down to Headingley twice: once for YCCC in the t20 tournament and once for a day of (mostly rained out) first-class cricket. got to watch KP’s 149 against SA in a local pub with a big screen outside set up specially for test matches.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Too bad about the rain, but still to be at Headlingley is once in a lifetime kind of stuff for us yanks.

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