Big news this morning out of Mumbai: Yuvraj Singh has been named to India’s T20 squad for the upcoming series against New Zealand as well as the T20 World Cup next month. This is just delightful news. It really is amazing to me how far the world has come in the treatment of cancer. Now instead of thinking “death sentence” when we hear the word, we instead think of Lance Armstrong, Mario Lemieux, Dave Callaghan, Eric Abidal, and now: Yuvraj Singh.

Unfortunately, it is not always good news. Cancer still kills. A little research brought me to New Zealand wicket-keeper, Ken Wadsworth. He played in 33 tests for his country, scoring over 1,000 runs. His last test was February 13-17, 1976 against India in Wellington. He took four catches and New Zealand beat India by an innings and 33 runs.

Six months later, at the age of only 29, Wadsworth was dead of skin cancer.

There was also South African Tufty Mann, who died in 1952 of abdominal cancer. As well as a whole host of other cricketers who died in their prime. Some in war. Some from on the pitch accidents. Some from car accidents.

All too young.

And this is why we should all celebrate Yuvraj’s comeback. As cricket fans, as humans. It is a triumph over a disease that has killed millions, and it is a triumph of the human spirit. Cancer still kills, and so we all need to celebrate those that beat it.

Welcome back, Yuvraj:


4 Replies to “Yuvraj”

  1. W00t! 3 cheers for Yuvi, the come-back man! First Irfan (making a return to the team), now Yuvi! Bringing back memories of the good ol’ times, oh what a team! With Yuvraj back in the squad, the team looks so much balanced and has that x-factor that was missing for all these months! Welcome back Yuvi. Livestrong, Yuvstrong.

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