Six Hours On

Just a quick post tonight, for I need to get to bed early, as test cricket returns tomorrow, with England v West Indies at Lord’s. First ball is in less than six and a half hours.

Although, I must say that since I have been reading a flawed yet lovely book about Sri Lankan cricket (look for a review in the next day or so), I find myself more in the mood for some Southern Hemisphere swashbuckling cricket than I am for St. John’s Wood and a watered down West Indies.

But Sri Lanka v Pakistan at the Galle International stadium is still over a month away, and tomorrow’s match is still test cricket, and England are still the number one test team on earth, and so I will wake early, and I will work from home so I can watch, and I will enjoy every moment.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I see the series ending 1-1. Expect a weather affected draw at Lord’s, double centuries from Cook and Trott and an England win at Trent Bridge, and a thrilling and famous win for the West Indies in Birmingham.

You heard it hear first.

The English summer begins tomorrow. Huzzah!

One Reply to “Six Hours On”

  1. Brave prediction there, I’d probably go for 1-0, given that one test is likely to be a weather affected draw as you say, and at least one will be an England win

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