Italy v Namibia at Dubai (GCA), ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier

Back from the dead: for now.

There hasn’t been a specific reason for my silence as of late: I have not been overly busy, in other words. I just haven’t had a great deal to say.

Further, for a bit there, each post felt like work. I was not having any fun, and so I stopped torturing myself.

Plus, I was sick of having the same thought whenever I read an enjoyable article about cricket, or something of note happened in world cricket: I should probably blog about this, or at the very least tweet about it.

It shouldn’t be like that, it shouldn’t be “should” – it should “want to” or “can’t wait to.”

And so: a week off.  Not from cricket, but from this blog.

And what happened while I was away? Well, Rahul Dravid retired, Sachin scored his 100th 100, India chased down 329, Amir apologized, Virat Kohli became the greatest young batsman on earth, South Africa beat New Zealand, the West Indies beat Australia, and County Cricket is back with its warm-up matches.

That’s a lot.

Too much to reflect on in detail, surely, but here are the blog ideas I had for each event:

Dravid retired: link to this wonderful piece and talk about fans of different sports.

Sachin: discuss other meaningless milestones in sport: 20 wins, the 40/40 club, 100 rushing yards, 1000 rushing yards…etc.

India and Kohli: I wanted to rave, rave, rave

Amir: still deciding how I feel about the interview, but I really want him to play again

#nzvsa: I have sleepwalked through these tests; I hope to watch the third one a little more closely.

#wivaus: I wanted to write about the 2007 world cup again. Australia, the West Indies, spring…and finally talk about how cricket correlated to me quitting smoking. (More on this another time.)

County Cricket: I love County Cricket. Love love love. Can’t wait for it to be back in full

That’s your lot: a week worth of Limited Overs in 300 words.

Until next time.

Oh wait: one more thing:

The Twenty20 World Cup qualifiers have been happening, and honestly I have nearly ignored them completely, beyond checking the scores. USA have spiraled into a spectacular crash out, despite the hopes we all had two weeks ago.

Personally, I don’t really care that much about US cricket. Yeah, I would love it if they won a couple matches, and I would love it our national board wasn’t run by crooks and liars, but I find it hard to get all that excited about it.

There are several of my compatriots who are fighting the good fight for US cricket fans: Stephen Rooke, Terry Coffey, and Peter Della Penna, just to name a few. I am going to let them take the reins, for as much as I love cricket, I have no passion for US cricket.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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