Punjab (Pakistan) v Sind at Lahore, Faysal Bank Pentangular Cup

Pakistan’s history can be divided into three distinct segments.

1947 – 1972: Not actively seeking nuclear weapons

1972 – 1998: Actively seeking nuclear weapons

1998 – Present: Nuclear

On the cricket field, between 1952, the year they gained full test status, and January the 19th, 1927 (the day of the Multan meeting), they played in 62 test matches.

They won 10, lost 18, drew 34. A winning percentage of around 16%.

Between the Multan meeting and May 28th, 1998 (the date of their first successful weapon’s test), they played in 189 test matches: winning 61 of them. A winning percentage of around 33%.

And finally, as a nuclear power, Pakistan played in 119 test matches. They won 44 of them, a winning percentage of nearly 37%.

Non-nuclear: 16%

Pursuing nuclear: 33%

Nuclear: 37%

I don’t think there is any correlation to the above, not in the slightest.

All it tells us is that Pakistani cricket has been improving over the last half century.

I think Pakistan is a fascinating topic. Both on the cricket field and in more global issues such as nuclear power.

I look forward to continuing to post on their two sources of national pride.


Other posts upcoming next week: inspired by Levi’s magnificent innings down in New Zealand yesterday: the quickest international hundreds in test matches.

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