Australia v Sri Lanka at Perth, Commonwealth Bank Series

There is one match worth watching in world Cricket today (or tomorrow, depending on where you are): the only ODI between Pakistan and Afghanistan at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium in the United Arab Emirates.

Both countries’ cricket teams are great stories, for different reasons. Pakistan for their recent resurgence after the attacks on the Sri Lankan team and the spot fixing in England; Afghanistan because, well, they have been brutalized by the Soviets, the Taliban, Al Queda, and the United Nations for generations.

They are neighbors, of course, but neither plays their home matches in their home country. Further, the game came to Afghanistan from refugees who fled to Pakistan during the 1990s.  And Afghanistan’s national team was invited to playing Pakistan’s domestic league in 2001 (a rather ominous year for Afghanis, of course).

Afghani cricketers have traveled the world over the last 12 years: England, Nepal, Buenos Aires, the Netherlands…and they have a great at qualifying for the World Twenty20s.

Both teams are two of world cricket’s best stories, and both countries share a sad history. I look forward to following the match tomorrow morning.

Another half hearted post, sorry, there is just a bit of a lull in  the sport right now.

And I am tired.

I am tired because last night I was up late celebrating my new job.

As of February 27th, I will be working for  A non-profit online news source that focuses primarily on local politics and policy here in Minnesota. I am pretty excited.

The downside? Less time to write about cricket, at least at first. I plan on writing a lot over the next couple of weeks however.

Also, I wanted to welcome to the cricket blogging fold another fellow local: American Armchair Cricket. He’s just down the road in Indiana, and the story of how he found the sport is very similar to mine. Welcome! See you on Twitter.

Finally tonight, I wanted to thank Deep Backward Point for the kind words on his blog yesterday.  It made my day, week, month. Yesterday I accepted the offer at MinnPost, and on the drive home, saw his blog post. It was  a really great couple of hours. So: thanks: your support of Limited Overs has been invaluable.

Until next time.

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