Sri Lanka A v England Lions at Colombo (RPS), 5th unofficial ODI

I was planning on writing a post on the Woolf report. Summing up the main points, giving my own thoughts…etc.

But then I read this post over on Idle Summers and realized that it said everything that needed to be said. I highly recommend it.

Back on the pitch:

Pakistan finished off the 3-0 white wash of England. There will be commentary galore over the next few weeks from every corner of the Internet: what went wrong for England? What went right for Pakistan? Are the ICC ratings a sham? Should the ECB sack Flower and Strauss?

All good questions, surely, but I  as I have mentioned several times a strong Pakistan is great for world cricket.  I am really excited about the result.  I am going to enjoy it for a bit before deconstructing it.

Also, if South Africa can do the job down in New Zealand in March, their test series in England this summer will decide who is number one in the world, just like last year’s England v India tests.  Now that is something to look forward to.

But: watch out South Africa. New Zealand are not pushovers. They look a very strong side. Lest we forget they just recently defeated Australia at Hobart; the same Australian side that dismantled India.

And what’s next for Pakistan? They host Bangladesh for three tests in April, and then head to Sri Lanka in August for three more.

Down the road a bit, in February of 2013, they travel to South Africa for three tests: another series that could very well decide the world test number one.

Lots and lots to look forward to.

Until next time.

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