Mashonaland Eagles v Mountaineers at Harare, Coca-Cola Pro50 Championship

At this point and time, I am truly happy that I am not a supporter of the Indian national cricket team, a member of the “Swami Army” if you will.

Last night they collapsed, and I mean COLLAPSED, at the WACA, only to watch David Warner follow up with a blistering century off of 80 balls on the same pitch.  It was truly a brilliant innings from the King of t20.  And it sunk India.

I don’t see a way back for them in this match, and I think they will have an even more difficult time of things at Adelaide.

As such, I am glad I am not an India supporter, as that must be truly freaking depressing right now.  Sure, they won the World Cup not nine months ago, but after what happened in England, and what is happening in Australia, it must be down right embarrassing.

India has been pathetic, to put it bluntly.  Sure there are injuries, and they are older, and they are not accustomed to the conditions, and Australia has played better than anyone expected them to, but those are simply excuses.  The truth of the matter is: India is shit right now.

Again, to put it bluntly.

And these are not nobodies, these are world class cricketers, some of the best batsmen in the history of cricket, and they are getting out cheaply and easily.

It all feels so…wasteful.

As long a long suffering Arsenal supporter, I can almost relate.  The last six years have been tough, sure, and there was that 8-2 drumming at the hands of Man United last September, but the team has changed over several times, and the league has changed immensely; while the Indian squad has remained largely the same, with only a few tweaks here and there.

Then I think: what if Wegner had kept the Invincibles together? Henry would be 34, Bergkamp 42, Pires 38, Viera 35, Campbell 37, Ljundberg 34, Lehmann 42…

Sound familiar, India?

And what if those guys were all still playing for Arsenal, and I had to watch those once proud world beaters get demolished in the same way India is getting demolished? Well, that would be positively wrenching – it would depress the life out of me.

Therefore, India supporters, you have my sincere condolences.  Hang in there.  Your boys will be home again soon.

Personally, I am just ticked because I was looking forward to watching cricket tonight, and tomorrow, and the next day.  And while I will still watch, it won’t have that “edge of your seat” drama that I was hoping for.

And, yet, I can feel that old demon “hope” start to creep in – what if India take a couple quick wickets?  What if they can get Australia out before lunch? What if Sehwag finally starts to look like the batsman we all know he is?

Class is permanent, form temporary, right?

And there I go again…

Remember, India, it’s not the disappointment that’ll kill ya…

…it’s the hope.

Until next time.

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